7-08 B Shift Electrocution Save

6-08 A-Shift Trench Rescue

5-4-07 Chief Herber "Hot Legs" Contest

4-4-07 Congressman Lamar Smith's Visit

10-4-06 Dive Pics

9-15-06 B Shift Train on Fire

7-27-06 McBees Bar-B-Que Fire

4-13-06 MCI School Bus vs SUV

C Shift Old Mill Fire 4-6-06

Airlife LZ Classes 2006

Notorius Teddy Tipper!

B Shift I35 MVC

2005 Paramedic and FF of the Year

Jun 05 Haz Mat Training Exercise

Feb 05 Haybale Hoedown

Marion Bulldogs Donate Toys

2-05 Newer New Hires

2-05 New Hires

GBRA Dam Maintenance / Exercise

C Shift Sta 2 All In A Duty Day

B Shift Truck 1 High Angle Rescue Drill

B Shift Drown Proofing 04/16/04

Structure Fire 11 21 03 -Structure fire pics are 300k, OK for broadband, slow for dialup

A Shift Drown Proofing 12 03 03

Capt Robinson briefs the troops on their wet future Engineer Dennis Williams checks out the December pool temperature dry gear about to get wet that was cold.. second plunge.. gears already wet taking it off.. in the water how to get out on the edge Dennis demonstrates how ya get out without the ladder when you weigh 100 puounds extra Rookie Chris Stevens shows he can float with the best of them
Chris Stevens with lots of bouyancy Capt Robinson.. no fear Firefighter Nick Weber (World Wide Weber) parts the waters waiting their turn (except Dennis) Capt Robinson and PS Garcia on gaurd splash

Pictures taken from promotional ceremony on 11 26 03

Veteran Capt Danny Procknow Capt John Robinson A Shift

Physical Agility Test

The dummy, shown being dragged by a candidate, weighs about 170 pounds the doughnut roll must be pulled up through the second storey window arm over arm you must drag this line 100 feet, squirt water, and set the nozzle down in a designated area fire chief addresses a group of hopefuls before taking their written test technique and persistance pay off when driving the sled up with the hose to the second floor, pull up the doughnut roll hand over hand, then back down the stairs with the hose over your shoulder, not missing any steps ninety-one showed up to take the written test this time around


Lt Rick Edwards, A Shift, Fighting Fives Father and Son, Division Chief and Fire Marshal Darren Brinkkoeter mans deluge gun while father, Engineer Roger Brinkkoeter rigs supply at a structure fire. Mike Ulbrich is midship at the panel and unidentified bunkered firefighter assists. HEB generously donated money to help us purchase an IV pump Roger Brinkkoeter receives proclamation from the Mayor during his retirement after 39 years of service to the ciy Paramedic Specialist Larry Evans gives a talk on stroke and heart attack recognition to Balcones Haus residents
B Shift firefighters load new attack lines on Truck 1 Photos taken from Shadow Program, March of 2004 Photos taken during a safety fair PTA meeting at Memorial Primary March 2004 crews work a mock full arrest at the Canyon Intermediate Health Fair MVA Rollover stabilized with Rescue Jacks rand New Pierce Enforcer at Station 5 Brand New Engine 5 Paramedic Specialist James Pierce and FF Doug Vogel accept teddy bears From Jim Goldsmith of Jim Goldsmith Insurance Looking down one of the maze tunnels, which would normally be pitch black crews prepare to extricate radiologically exposed patients during a recent exercise small vehicle fire sparked by acetylene torch (A shift) small vehicle fire sparked by acetylene torch (A shift)

Mayor Adam Cork (front left) and Dr Flanagan (front right) praise Schlitterbahn's employees.  The suvivor is seen between the two in the back row left to right back row: survivor Gary Blindert, Dr John Flanagan, Keith Fontenot, Stephen Hill, Karleen Gourley, Tarah Fischer, Derrick Bowman,
front row left to right: Trey Weeks, Maegan Krueger, Mona Lisa Hart, and Jan Gipson AHA Lt Herbert with UTHSCSA EMT-P graduates Martinez, Aurora, and Johnson 1st Protestant Day School kids show what team work is all about as they handle the big line under the
supervision of B Shifts Central Station crew during a demo Lisa Stone and baby Wyatt delivered in the field Chief Zercher and Gloria Herfurth accept check from Wal Mart for Safe Kids Program Captain Danny Procknow receives the Chris Stevens models a soft bag firefighter Anthony Pitzer